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Partial proceeds from the event benefit the Kansas Park Trust, a non-profit organization, which promotes the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve and the Flint Hills of Kansas
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In one trial, 290 people who had been hospitalised because they were having a severe attack of acute mania were given either a drug (risperidone, marketed by Johnson & Johnson) or a placebo
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I eat a LOT of vegetables and 'clean' protein
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vitality and well-being throughout all stages of a man’s life.† Upon receiving Tentative
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I would like to thank UNPO for giving us the opportunity to speak at this forum, on behalf of all those members of the organization who are deprived of their linguistic rights
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As with Slick Willie Clinton and Barrack Yomama, every time one of your socialist leaders tells a whopper, (s)he gets a big chorus of “atta boy/girl” from you parasites
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What started off for me as a journey I was forced into by my parents became a hobby, then a passion, and now a way of life